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Applied Linguistics Articles


Gorsuch, G. (2020). Doing standard setting for an in-house high-stakes speaking performance test. TESOL Working Paper Series, 18, 58-74.


Gorsuch, G. (2018). A teaching practicum course and its effects on international teaching assistants' discourse intonation. TESL-EJ, 22(2). Available:


Taguchi, E., Gorsuch, G., Lems, K., & Rosszell, R. (2016). Scaffolding in L2 reading: How repetition and an auditory model help readers. Reading in a Foreign Language, 28(1), 101-117. Available:


Gorsuch, G. (2016). International teaching assistants at universities: A research agenda. Language Teaching, 49(2), 275-290.

Applied Linguistics Book Chapters

Research Questions in Language Education and Applied Linguistics


Gorsuch, G. & Taguchi, E. (2021). Foreign language reading fluency and reading fluency methodologies. In H. Mohebbi & C. Coombe (Eds.). Research questions in language education and applied linguistics. Verlag, Netherlands: Springer Publishing.

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A Transdisciplinary Approach to International Teaching Assistants: Perspectives from Applied Linguisticst


Gorsuch, G. (2019). Using course logic to describe outcomes and instruction for an ITA course. In S. Looney & S. Bhalla (Eds.). A transdisciplinary approach to ITA research: Perspectives from applied linguistics (pp. 154-177). Bristol, United Kingdom: Multilingual Matters.

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