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Three Lives cover

The Three Lives Of Maul Entringer

by Greta Gorsuch

On a cold spring morning in 1925 in Garnet, Texas, Maul Entringer and Mabel Johnson are married. Together, they build a life in the Flats, the only part of Garnet where African Americans are allowed to live. They won’t stay long. They’ll find a better town with more opportunities. But there are a few things Maul has not told his young, beautiful wife. Things happened to Maul when he was young, and he can’t escape them. Set in 1920s Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico, The Three Lives of Maul Entringer shows how one man learns to live with his past. Maul meets ghosts, and even becomes a ghost—twice—as he reclaims his life and love for Mabel.


Using Theories for Second Language Teaching and Learning

by Dale T.Griffee & Greta Gorsuch

Using Theories for Second Language Teaching and Learning is about helping second language teachers use theories in their practice. The authors explore in concrete and practical ways the intersections between teachers, learners, and institutions, and theories of teaching, theories of learning, and theories of language. These intersections provide language teachers with critical insights on how to deal with professional complexities and practical guidance on how to develop appropriate pedagogical practice. By focusing on theories of teaching, the authors give readers the tools to create a clear image of the kind of teacher they wish to be. By exploring theories of learning, they promote the formation of teachers’ personal theories which allow them to identify their own areas of special interest in learner achievement and enrichment. By examining theories of language, the book shows how administrators and teachers can use theories to identify course goals and plan priorities for class time.

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‘Queen was having luck on the fly front. She hit whatever fly she aimed at with her blue plastic fly swatter. No flies escaped her. The problem was, there were always more flies. Perhaps it was because she drove a garbage truck.’

Quote from Queen Serene (2020, Gemma Media)